New Brochure With New Features!

Sep 17, 2013

Today DTC is pleased to release the new brochure of VENZO 800 series vibration controller. In the meantime, DTC release the new features, the sampling rate is up to 204.8 kHz; Random frequency band is extendable to 40kHz with 25,600 lines spectral resolution; Sine frequency range is up to 51.2 kHz with 8,192 points; high frequency for Shock extends the frequency range for shock from 20kHz to 80kHz, and with max. 65,536 points block size.

Besides, DTC provides 3 years warranty & free software updating. As we all know vibration test belongs to reliability test, therefore, the reliability of vibration test equipment is very important. DTC provides 3 years warranty on hardware and 3 years free software updating, we firmly believe that you should never worry about the reliability and performance of VENZO controller, just enjoy the vibration test with the convenient software. The visual impact that VENZO control software brings to you, give you a totally fresh new environment, testing work will never be boring.

DTC will never stop dedicating to improving vibration controller, especially for software, we will add new features to it continuously, to solve questions encountered in the field and meet white papers addressing real world applications.

Please download our new brochure from this link: http://www.dtc-solutions.com/cata.asp

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