Planning Of System Index Standard For Simulating Automobile Transportation Vibration Table

Oct 20, 2017

Simulation of automobile transport vibration table is simulated transit bumps on disruptive products caused by the DTC, the main production simulation of automobile transportation vibration table is simple sine wave vibration, the corresponding standard method of measuring the vibration environment of electrical and electronic products, electrical and electronic products for vibration measurement in all places the use of the measurement the general target set by the sensor, preamplifier and recording device is composed of three parts.

General requirements for simulation of automobile transportation vibration standard: measurement system by the measuring department or by the standard calibration instrument, the measuring Department verification approved equipment calibration should be in its use of the environment (such as vibration, shock, acceleration, temperature, humidity and low pressure) under the normal work, measuring instruments between should have good matching, reliable connection, the measurement system should be single point grounding, in order to avoid the formation of ground loop. For simulation of automobile transport vibration table system characteristics: the available frequency range and dynamic range of the measurement system should satisfy the requirement of vibration environment, the frequency response of measurement system (flat) error should be less than 1dB, the nonlinear measurement error should be less than 5%.

In the specifications of the simulation of vehicle transport vibration table is a relatively neutral contrast, and now is the product division is a form of change, will encounter a different distinction. The means of opposing products are also different

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