Vibration Control System Introduction

Feb 20, 2018

Vibration control refers to the use of vibration isolation technology to reduce the transmission rate of vibration; Vibration damping to reduce the vibration intensity of objects and reduce the sound radiation to the space; Dynamic vibration absorber to the mechanical vibration energy transfer and consumption of additional vibration system technology Known as the vibration control. In the noise control project, vibration control technology is an important aspect. Some precision machinery, precision instruments, and laboratories that require low noise also require vibration control to avoid the effects of environmental vibrations on them

In a broad sense, the vibration control includes two aspects: (1) the use of favorable vibration; (2) the suppression of harmful vibration: vibration suppression (ie vibration control). Vibration control tasks: through certain means so that the vibration level of controlled objects to meet people's predetermined requirements. Vibration isolation, vibration absorption, damping and other technical measures to reduce the vibration of objects and prevent its spread. Its purpose is to protect people and sensitive equipment from vibration.

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