Vibration Control System Research Background

Feb 20, 2018

Vibration control is widely used in modern engineering. Many projects fail to consider the resonance effect, resulting in economic losses and casualties. Therefore, its research value is self-evident.

Machinery and transportation are widely used as the driving force in industrial and transportation industries. The hazards of mechanical vibration are more and more serious, and the requirements of vibration control are becoming more and more urgent. Power machinery such as steam turbines, hydro-turbines and electric motors, and transportation means such as automobiles, trains, ships and aircraft, as well as working machine tools, mining machinery and construction machinery, are developing at high speed and heavy load with increasing vibration. In the development of precision machine tools and precision machining technology, if you leave the quiet environment of strict vibration isolation, the work will not be normal and you can not achieve the expected accuracy target. Materials and construction industries, the extensive use of high-strength building materials, the building height continues to rise so that the wind load by the building after the vibration amplitude of several meters, it is difficult to meet the comfort and safety requirements, if not vibration, such high-rise Can not continue to develop. Airplanes, missiles, tanks, chariots usually work in the harshest of environments. Therefore, the military sector on the vibration reduction requirements are also increasing. In particular, the research on the direction of precision strike now needs the support of vibration reduction theory.

Whether it is civilian industry or military industry, its product performance is closely related with the vibration damping technology. Product performance and decided the profitability of the enterprise. Therefore, the research on vibration control will never be out of date.

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