Vibration Controller System

Jan 05, 2018

Vibration test system is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, automotive and other fields of reliability test. The digital vibration controller is a computer system that can provide closed-loop control for the shaker. It is an intelligent part of the whole vibration test system. This paper describes the evolution of the U.S. vibration controller from the perspective of hardware architecture.

The digital vibration controller generates an electrical signal to drive the power amplifier, which in turn outputs a current signal to drive the hydraulic or electromagnetic vibrating table. The vibration response acting on the device under test (UUT) is fed back to the vibration controller system as a feedback control signal. In a closed-loop control environment, the control signal must follow certain pre-defined characteristics in both the time and frequency domain. These characteristics can be defined according to different industry or military standards as: Sine, Random, Sine + Random SoR, Random + Random RoR, classic impact, shock response spectrum SRS, road spectrum simulation.

In most cases, a single-axis shaker stimulates the structure. In some high-end tests, multiple shakers are required to form a multi-axis, multi-degree-of-freedom excitation. In the case of simultaneous use of multiple shakers, the control system needs to have Multiple input / multiple output (MIMO) mutual channel signal computing power. The technique used for multi-axis vibration control systems is more complicated than single-axis systems, and the single-axis vibration control system is discussed in this paper.

The control signal should refer to one or more measurement signals obtained from the test piece. When the control signal is found to deviate from the test target model, the control signal will be adjusted so that the control signal approaches the target model, and the control system performs the vibration stage in real time and continuously Power correction to achieve precise control, safety testing through a distributed PC-independent computing structure to carry out.

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