What Is A Vibration Analyzer?

Nov 20, 2017

Vibration analyzer using gyroscope principle of vibration measurement, small vibration and super vibration can be measured, the vibration can be continuously monitored three-axis direction of the vibration acceleration, and data output can be displayed and analyzed.

 Fundamental frequency amplitude measurement using the center frequency of the bandpass filter is given, the vibration of the secondary instrument is measured by the sensor to convert the electrical signal measurement, recording and analysis. Vibration measurements generally include measuring the total amplitude (vibration analyzer that is pass the value of) the fundamental frequency amplitude and vibration phase and other high or low harmonic frequency amplitude. The total vibration amplitude measured directly using the peak (peaktopeak value detector given, while the other harmonic frequency amplitude measurement often use automatic tracking band-pass filter.

The measurement of the vibration phase is to determine the relative time difference between a reference pulse signal and a certain position (usually a positive peak) on the waveform of the fundamental signal per one revolution of the rotor. The reference pulse signal is the keyway or the attached metal lug opened by the rotating shaft and the position of the reflective tape is rotated to correspond to the positions of the fixed eddy-current sensor and the photoelectric sensor. The reference pulse signal can also be converted to a speed measurement by a counter.

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