What Is A Vibration Sensor?

Oct 31, 2017

In the highly developed modern industry, the modern testing technology to the digital, information technology direction has become an inevitable trend, and the test system is the forefront of the sensor, it is the soul of the entire test system, the world as cutting-edge technology, special Is the rapid development of IC technology and computer technology in recent years, for the development of the sensor provides a good and reliable scientific and technological foundation. So that the rapid development of the sensor, and digital, multi-functional and intelligent development of modern sensors is an important feature.

The vibration sensor has vibration displacement, vibration speed and vibration acceleration sensor.

In short, the vibration displacement sensor (commonly used eddy current sensor) according to the vibration displacement and output voltage changes in the relationship between the vibration velocity sensor according to the relative movement of magnetic field lines to produce changes in voltage, vibration acceleration sensor according to the relationship between deformation and charge.

The speed sensor can be displaced by hardware or software integral, the acceleration sensor can be obtained through a single integral vibration speed, the second integral can get vibration displacement.

Because it is necessary to measure the acceleration, it is necessary to have a vibration acceleration sensor.

Displacement measurement: If the non-contact measurement gap changes, you must use the vibration displacement sensor (eddy current sensor); If it is contact measurement, you can use the acceleration sensor through 2 times the integral can also be used to obtain the speed sensor 1 integral, What kind of way depends on the measurement object. In general, if gears or rolling bearings are included, use the acceleration sensor, otherwise use the speed sensor.

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