What Is Vibration Measurement?

Oct 20, 2017

Vibration is the fundamental cause of noise. To eliminate noise, the vibration of noise source must be eliminated or reduced. The choice of measurement parameters depends mainly on the characteristics of the object. Generally there are the following principles of selection:

Vibration displacement: it is used to study the strength and deformation of structures, such as the deformation of building structures, bridges, dams and so on;

Vibration velocity: the square of the vibration velocity is proportional to the energy, which can directly reflect the kinetic energy and radiation noise of the vibration system, and the measurement of mechanical vibration is commonly used.

Vibration acceleration: the vibration of human body is sensitive to acceleration, so the acceleration of human vibration is evaluated by acceleration. Because the acceleration energy can directly express the force and load, it is also used to study the mechanical fatigue, impact and other aspects.

The influence of vibration on human body is related to the effective value of vibration acceleration, vibration frequency, vibration time, vibration direction and vibration position. The basic amount of impact assessment of vibration on the human body is the frequency weighted acceleration or frequency weighted acceleration level due to actual environmental vibration are not stable, but changes with time, so often need to measure the equivalent continuous vibration level. It is defined as an equivalent continuous vibration level, which is represented by a constant energy level at a constant vibration level at a certain measuring point, which is represented by a constant vibration stage.

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