What's The Difference Between A Vibration Sensor And A Vibration Monitor?

Nov 20, 2017

A sensor is a device that converts a physical or chemical quantity into an easy-to-use electrical signal. In general, a sensor is a front part of a measurement system that converts an input variable into a measurable signal. The sensors are divided into many types according to the application, and the vibration sensor is just one of them.

Vibration monitor is a professional equipment for monitoring the vibration frequency of important equipment with high accuracy. This product can monitor the precision equipment (such as ATM machines, precision machine tools and other equipment) 24 hours a day without interruption, if the vibration frequency of the equipment is out of the normal range, the vibration monitor can immediately give an alarm so that the user will Losses to a minimum.

In principle, the vibration monitor is somewhat similar to the vibration sensor, and both are determined by collecting the energy of some vibration waveform and then converting it into electricity. If the amount of electricity transmitted exceeds a certain range, the vibration monitor will consider the vibration waveform as a problem and automatically give an alarm.

However, the vibration sensor is just a sensing device. It simply takes the mechanics down through springs and other devices and converts it to a proportional amount of power. Not only that, the vibration sensor is not accurate enough to judge, so often some false positives or not reported phenomenon. Coupled with some industry market is not yet standardized (especially in the ATM monitoring market), the product quite a mixed bag, shoddy, with real ones, to the user in the purchase of certain difficulties.

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