VENZO 880 Vibration Controller

VENZO 880 Vibration Controller

Wave Types: Half-sine, Haversine, Initial and final Peak Saw Tooth, Triangle, Rectangle and Trapezoid.Negative Pulse: Pulses can be in negative directionAveraging: Pulses can be averaged for the control.

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Product Details

VENZO 880 Shaker Control System


State-of-the-art Hardware

· 2~8 Analog input channels

· 1~2 Drive Channel (can be adopted in 2-axis control application)

· 450MHz DSP Processing

· 100 Mbps Ethernet port connecting to PC (without grounding problem)

· -30~70℃Working Temperature

· No-fans structure to reduce the background noise

· 160 dB / Octave Anti- aliasing Filter

· 1 AUX Channel

· 24-bit ADC/DAC, 130dB dynamic range

· 204.8 kHz Sampling Rate, 40kHz Frequency Range

· 1GB Internal Flash Memory Stores Test Configuration

· Floating Ground Design Reduces Ground Loop Problems

Full and Innovative Control Functions

· Random

· Random-on-Random

· Sine, Step Sine, Resonance Search and Tracked Dwell

· Sine and Random-on-Random

· Classical Shock, Transient Time History, SRS

· Field Data Replication

· Sine-on-Random

· Kurtosis Control

· Sine-on-Sine

· Limiting and Notching

· Multivariable Control


Analysis Capabilities and Auxiliary Functions

· THD Detection

· Data Recorder

· FFT Analysis

· SRS Analysis


· Waterfall View

· Signal Calculation

· Signal Cache

· Signal Editor

· Word/PDF Test Report

· Email Report

· Off-line view

· Transient Capture, Force/Deflection Analysis, Shock Response Analysis

· Working Temperature: -30~70℃

· Humidity: 5%~95% RH

· Consumption: 10W (VENZO 820), 20W (VENZO 880)

· Power: 100~240VAC(50~60Hz)

· Enclosure Rating: IP43

· PC Connection: high-speed standard Ethernet interface

· Anti-vibration Performance: 10-60 Hz @ 0.15 mm peak;60-150 Hz @ 2 gn, conform to IEC 60068-2-6;

Hardware Specifications

· Input: 2~8 channels

· Input Interface: BNC Connector

· Input Resolution: 24-bit ADC

· Coupling: AC Gnd, AC Dif, DC Gnd, DC Dif, Charge, IEPE

· TEDS: IEEE 1451.4 compliant, automatic-reading

· Anti-aliasing Filter: analog and digital anti-aliasing low-pass filters

· Input Dynamic Range: 135dB

· SNR: > 100dB

· Input Voltage Ranges: ±10, ±1 or ±0.1 VPEAK

· Input Impedance: 1MΩ(Single-ended)2MΩ(differential)

· Input Protection Voltage: ± 36VPEAK without damage

· Input Channel Crosstalk: <-100dB@1kHz

· Amplitude Channel Match: 0.1 dB

· Channel Phase Match: better than ±1.0 degree, up to 20 kHz

· Input Signal Type: Charge, Voltage, High-integrated

· Input / Output Channel Crosstalk: <-100dB

· Total Harmonic Distortion: <-100dB

· Frequency Accurancy: as fine as 0.000001Hz



· Output:1~2 Drive Channels

· 1 AUX Channel: can be adopted in 2-axis control application

· Output Interface: BNC Connector

· Output Resolution: 24-bit DAC

· Max. Sampling Rate: 204.8kHz

· Frequency Range: 80kHz

· Dynamic Range: ≥108dB

· Output Voltage Range: 10V F.S

· Max Output Current: 20 mA

· Total Harmonic Distortion: <-100dB@1kHz

· PC Configuration: Windows XP/Vista/ 7 /8 Operating System and an Ethernet port.

    Microsoft Word / Excel and PDF are recommended.

Main Classis

· Dimension (mm): 290*210*60 (VENZO 820); 390*280*60 (VENZO 880)

· Weight: 2.1kg (VENZO 820), 3.3kg (VENZO 880)

· Front-end Panel: three LED lights indicate the status of "Power", "Ready" and "Control". The red Abort button is for emergency stop of the vibration test system.

· Rear Panel: connectors include 2/8 Analog Input Channels, a Drive Channel, a100 BASE-T Network Port, an AUX channel (only for VENZO 880, can be adjusted to 2-axis drive control channel), a grounding-end, an External Emergency Abort Jack and a terminal block of digital I/O lines.

· Anti-impact Performance: 10 gn for 16 ms,conform to IEC 60068-2-27

· In Accordance with EMC Standards: EN61326-1:2006, EN61000-3-2:2006+A1:2009+A2:2009, EN 61000-3-3:2008

· Safty: EN 61010-1:2001

· Compliance: CE Marking


Random performs real-time closed loop control of PSD profiles.



Frequency Range: DC to 5,000 Hz, extendable to 40, 000Hz

Sampling Rate: 51.2 kHz, high frequency option extends to 102.4 kHz

Spectral Resolution: 6400 lines, optional up to 25,600 lines

Control Dynamic Range: 100 dB

Typical Loop Time: 10ms

Control Accuracy: ±1dB at 90% confidence within 120 DOF

Control Strategies: Weighted Average, Minimum, and Maximum

Drive Clipping: 1 to 100 Sigma

Kurtosis: 3 to 100 sigma


Test Parameters

Control Strategy: Weighted Average, Max, Min

Degrees of Freedom: 2 to 12736 DOF

Shutdown Rate: defines the rate of drive signal reduce to zero.

Loop Gain: set compensation gain of the system transfer function

FRF Slew Rate: the change rate while frequency response function is changing.

Startup Mode: Measure online or last measure

Safety Parameters

Open Loop Check Grade: selectable of Standard, Loose and Strict three choices.

Channel Maximum Noise: set the maximum allowable channel noise at running phase.

Max. System Gain Check: check system maximum gain value in uptime stage

Classical Shock

Classical Shock performs closed loop control of transient waveforms. The entire transient period is sampled simultaneously and gap free. All of the classical types are supported. There are several displacement optimising methods.



Block Size: 256 to 16,384 points, extendable to 65,536 points

Sampling Rate: 20 Hz to 51.2 kHz, high frequency option extends to 204.8 kHz

Loop Transfer Function: Automatic calculation during system equalization or recall FRF from disk.Filtering: User defined desired frequency for low pass filtering.Delay Between Pulses: User set unlimited >0


Sine performs closed swept sine vibration, to determine resonant frequencies and damping factors, overall peak G response of the structure.



Frequency range: 1Hz to 5,000 Hz, high frequency option extends to 51,200Hz and low frequency option starts from 0.01Hz

Sampling Rate: 51.2 kHz, high frequency option extends to 204.8 kHz 

Spectral Resolution: 512-8192 points

Control Dynamic range: up to 150 dB

Loop time: Typical 5ms

Control accuracy: ±1dB through a peak-notch with a Q of 50, at 1 octave/min

Frequency Resolution: as fine as 0.000001Hz

Sine dwell: User specified dwell frequency with duration in cycles or time

Total Harmonic Distortion Detection: Calculate harmonic distortion of all analysis frequencies, accurate as each order.


Test Parameters

Control strategy: Weighted Averaging, Minimum and Maximum

Digital tracking filter: Fractional band is selectable 1% to 100% of output frequency, or fixed 1 Hz to 1,000 Hz

Min Response Time: selectable from 0.25 to 50 cycles

Startup Mode: optional Smooth or Fast

Sweep type and rate: Linear from 0 to 6,000 Hz/min or logarithmic from 0 to 100 octaves/min

Compression factor: Compression factor from 1~100 for different frequency segment


Safety Parameters

Box-Tolerance: Adjust the tolerance bands near an amplitude discontinuity 

Open Loop Check Grade: selectable of Standard, Loose and Strict three choices.

Channel Maximum Noise: set the maximum allowable channel noise at running phase.

Max. System Gain Check: check system maximum gain value in uptime stage


Wave Types: Half-sine, Haversine, Initial and final Peak Saw Tooth, Triangle, Rectangle and Trapezoid.Negative Pulse: Pulses can be in negative directionAveraging: Pulses can be averaged for the control.Pulse Duration: From 0.05ms to 100,000ms.Compensation Waves: Choice of Harmonic Rectangular, Rectangular and Half Sine compensation pulses. 

Types: Pre-post, Pre or post position. 

Criterion: ISO, MIL-STD 810F requirements, User defined

Limits: Automatic calculation of maximum expected acceleration, velocity and displacement, checked against shaker limits




Q:Does VENZO 800 can do 2-axis control? How?

A: Absolutely yes, but you should choose model 880. In normal configuration, VENZO 880 only has one drive channel and one AUX channel, if customer needs MIMO control, we will change AUX channel to drive channel, this does not means changes in hardware, you just need our MIMO control software.

Q:Does VENZO 880 Vibration Controller have grounding problem?

A: No. Because VENZO 800 Vibration Controller series adopts 100 Mbps Ethernet pot connected to PC, also the hardware is floating ground design which reduces ground loop problems.

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